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The Company & Meet the Board of Directors

The Company was established in the Republic of Cyprus as a Public Limited Company. The Republic of Cyprus is a country with a taxation policy favoring such ventures. Such companies incur zero tax rate on their net income.

Each vessel will be acquired by a separate body corporate (shipowning company) which will be incorporated in Cyprus with a taxation policy favoring such ventures. Each shipowning company will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Holding Company (CC Bulk Carriers’ Investments Limited) and all proceeds from trading the underlying asset (ship) will be wholly attributed to the Holding Company.

The Company presently plans to operate the vessels until approximately each vessel’s twenty-fifth or twenty-sixth year and then sell them at scrap value or, in the event of an improvement in market conditions, to resell the vessels immediately at a profit.

The Company is actually looking for a thirty percent (30%) increase of the value of each vessel (compared to the price she was initially acquired) within any given period of time after the investment’s inception in order to sell her at once and ALL REALIZED PROFITS  to be distributed to shareholders.  Every three months all the vessels will be appraised by an independent body (an international appraiser who will be a Ship Sale & Purchase Broker) who would immediately recommend to the Board of Directors the estimated price and once this price is thirty percent (30%) or over the acquisition price the vessel will be immediately set up for sale.

There will be only one Class of shares having the same voting rights.

The Company will be managed by its Board of Directors and audited by a recognized International Accounting Firm with experience in the shipping industry.

Meet the Board of Directors