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The Opportunity

CC Bulk Carriers’ Investments Limited (the “Company”) believes that the key to success in any investment in which capital gains represent a significant proportion of total earnings is knowing precisely where and when to buy and to sell.

To do this requires both sound financial acumen and an in-depth knowledge of the way the business sector in which you are operating really works.

For investors wishing to take advantage of the exceptional opportunities arising from time to time in certain markets, targeted investment funds managed by specialist companies with recognized experience in the business sector concerned can constitute highly effective vehicles.

Today, there is an exceptional new investment opportunity to acquire and operate a fleet (eight  units) of the following category of bulk carriers:
  • Handy-sized (between 25.000 to 40.000 tons deadweight each)

which can be acquired at very low prices in today’s market. This opportunity, offered by our company, combines superb growth prospects with limited risk, the investment being spread over a number of relatively older vessels (15-18 years of age) which will be acquired at moderately cheap prices. The Company intends to acquire initially eight handy-sized bulk carriers at a cost of approximately United States Dollars Three Million Five Hundred Thousand ($3.500.000) each. The Company seeks to obtain from its Investors up to United States Dollars Fourteen Million ($14.000.000) maximum as Capital in order to acquire the Vessels plus up to United States Dollars Two Million Four Hundred Thousand ($2.400.000) maximum as Operating Capital (see “Feasibility Studies for the Acquisition of up to eight  (8) Bulk Carriers”).

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