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Stock Exchange Listings

The Company project will be introduced to the stock market four (4) years after its inception so as to provide the original investors with a suitable exit mechanism and to make funds available for future projects while protecting their interests.

This stock exchange listing will be sought for either the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, the London Stock Exchange, the Oslo Stock Exchange, the Athens Stock Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or the NASDAQ. Other suitable venues for listing the Company’s shares may be considered also. After this listing is effected, Secondary Offerings of the Company’s stock may be considered in order for further similarly suitable investments to be done in the shipping industry.

Moreover, shipping financing may be negotiated at a later stage with financial institutions worldwide to enable the Company to meet its target of acquiring more similar tonnage.

The recent renewed interest of financial institutions for investments in the shipping industry is indicative of the current upward trend in the market, and substantial early capital gains on stock resales are a real possibility if earnings multipliers rise, as anticipated.